Întâlnirea skyp

întâlnirea skyp

Preparation for the nsli-Y experience begins in the spring, shortly after the finalists are selected. In order to help nsli-Y staff make appropriate decisions about your childs experience on the nsli-Y program, please inform us of these situations on the application or as soon as possible thereafter. Participants are also expected to follow the guidelines of their nsli-Y implementing organization; these guidelines are often specific to the host country and/or host community. Resident directors or local coordinators provide support to participants and host families throughout the program. nsli-Y administrators strongly encourage parents/guardians to thoroughly review the nsli-Y Terms and Conditions with their child before he or she applies to nsli-Y and again if selected as a semi-finalist and finalist. All nsli-Y students are registered with the Department of States. Receive nsli-Y Application Updates! întâlnirea skyp


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